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Multiple language content on DOCS.COM

by Andrzej Turski

Multiple language content on DOCS.COM ANDRZEJ TURSKI | January 15, 2011

On January 15, we rolled out a major backend update to DOCS.COM. Since DOCS.COM went online in April 2010, the service has steadily gained in popularity and finally reached the point where an update was necessary. Now, backend updates are rarely flashy. They bring incremental improvements in performance and stability, but they rarely introduce new end-user features. This time is an exception. Our new configuration provides a platform to build upon, but it also brings immediate benefits in the form of multiple language support. This should be good news to our international users and we know there are plenty of you!

The international support we now offer in DOCS.COM allows anyone to create documents in his or her language – you can even mix multiple languages in the same document. It is important to keep in mind that the ability to type in various national characters does not depend on DOCS.COM – this must be a feature of the underlying operating system. However, once the text is entered, Microsoft Office Web Apps in DOCS.COM can provide additional services, such as spell checking. This feature, best known from the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, is now readily available in the Word Web App on DOCS.COM.

To use the Word’s online spell checker, one needs to mark the language of the text. To do so, highlight the text or a portion of it, and select “Set Proofing Language…” on the toolbar menu. Then, chose one of the languages on the list. (Hint: you can select all the text in the document in one step by pressing Ctrl-A.)

There are many languages in the language dialog box. All of them can be used with the Office Web Apps, but not all of them have online spellchecking capability. Here is the list of 30 languages (dialects) now supported by DOCS.COM:

English (US) (default)

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Chinese (PRC)

Chinese (Taiwan)



Dutch (Netherlands)

German (Germany)



French (France)




Italian (Italy)



Norwegian (Bokmål)


Portuguese (Brazil)

Portuguese (Portugal)

Romanian (Romania)

Russian (Russia)



Spanish (Spain)

Swedish (Sweden)




We hope you enjoy this new functionality world-wide (literally). As always, we look forward to your feedback, which you can provide on our support page.

-Andrzej Turski

Multiple language content on DOCS.COM